Abyss Mode is a game mode in Rivals of Aether that requires 1 or more players to go through set waves, or challenges that get progressively harder that the player(s) must go through.

Wave Name of Challenge Normal Amount of Challenge*
1 Defeat weak enemies 10 enemies
2 Destroy the Hexes 4 hexes
3 Dodge the Energy surges and fight 1 enemy
4 Destroy the seeds quickly 4 seeds
5 Defeat the armored enemy 30% armor
6 Defeat weak enemies 15 enemies
7 Destroy the obelisk quickly 8 seconds
8 Send enemies into the rifts 3 rifts
9 Absorb the light ---
10 Avoid the ground 15 seconds
11 Defeat weak enemies 20 enemies
12 Defeat explosive enemies 6 enemies
13 Defeat the Gatekeeper's minions 3 enemies
14 Defeat the Gatekeepers 150 HP
15 Restore your health 20 seconds, restore up to 50 HP

*this amount will change if you have more players

After each round, a crystal appears in a random location that you can attack to gain points that raise the level of your character.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown if Abyss Mode is canon to the story. When asked if the heroes were trapped in the endless abyss, Dan Fornace replied: "I DUNNOOOOO ;)"[1]
  • Abyss Mode's beta also included many placeholder images, including a giant smiley and sad face that represent the capture point, pinatas (which Dan states that they have a purpose, but that purpose is unknown), kittens that represent the falling seeds, and a chicken which represent the obelisk[2].

References Edit

  2. Alpharad's YouTube video on testing Abyss Mode.

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