Air Armada is a stage that appears in Rivals of Aether and is the homeland of Wrastor.

Description Edit

Basic Edit

The stage consists of a main floating platform, with two smaller platforms above the edges of the main platform. Unlike other stages, this stage has small walls that do not extend below the bottom blastzone, allowing players to go under the stage.

Aether Edit

There is now a large spring inside the ground in the middle of the stage. It is triggered when a player performs a full jump on it, and it launches all players standing on it straight up, right, or left. The player who triggered it is the one who determines the direction.

Background Edit

Origin Edit

The stage takes place in the sky, on top of an airship of the Air Armada. The rest of the fleet can be seen in the background flying around.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only stage where the camera moves up and down slightly during the entire match.