In Rivals of Aether, each character has a different set of alternate costumes, for the purpose of distinguishing themselves from from opponents or just for the purpose of choosing a favorite alternate costume. In addition to preset colours and premium costumes (some of which are able to be purchased directly from steam), the player is able to customise one custom skin with whatever colours are desired, with another custom colour slot unlockable after getting the Ardent Rival achievement.

Color change selection Edit

Player may choose their character's costume in the selection screen. In team battles the player will also be surrounded in an outline of their team color. Players may not have the same character with the same costume.


Zetterburn Edit





Ori & SeinEdit

Orcane Edit


Premium Skins Edit

Some alternate costumes are only obtainable during events or by purchasing them. These are known as Premium Skins. They generally have a special color scheme and a different taunt.

Champion Skins Edit

This theme of Premium Skins was the first to be introduced. Champion characters are transparent, which cannot be replicated in the custom color builder. Also, the taunt of Champion characters involves them holding a shining crystal and the pose can be held.

So far, all of these characters have Champion skins:

  • Zetterburn
  • Wrastor
  • Kragg
  • Etalus

Early Access Skins Edit

Players who purchased the game while it was still in early access can use the early access skins. The skins use Gameboy colors and no shading, which cannot be replicated in the custom color builder. They do not have different taunts.

Golden Skins Edit

There are currently two 'golden' character skins, Golden Orcane and King Etalus. Both are only obtainable by purchasing a Rivals of Aether plushie. They have a special sparkle effect and different taunts.

Tournament Skins Edit

Many skins are related to tournaments and can be bought at them or through a tournament's website. These skins normally have a color scheme that uses the tournament's colors, and a special taunt.

So far, these are all of the tournament skins:

  • Summit Orcane (Smash Summit)
    • Has a snowy particle effect.
  • Summit Kragg (Smash Summit)
    • Has a snowy particle effect.
  • Twitch Absa (Twitchcon)
  • Genesis Forsburn (Genesis 4)
    • The smoke has a new animation.
    • Forsburn's fire glows.
  • Genesis Clairen (Genesis 5)
    • Her taunt changes based on directional input: Neutral Taunt makes a G5 sign, Up Taunt makes a thumbs up, Down Taunt makes a thumbs down, Right Taunt makes a frowning face, and Left Taunt makes a smiling face.
    • The tipper hit effect creates diamonds.
  • Shine Zetterburn (Shine)
    • His taunt is based off one of Fox's taunts from Smash Bros.
    • His Neutral Special gets a new animation that is based off Fox's Reflector (Shine).
  • Arcade Maypul (SmashCon)
    • Every time Maypul respawns, she changes color. The possible colors are blue, green, and purple.
    • Lily becomes an arcade machine. When Maypul taunts, the machine projects an image of Lily.
    • Maypul's seeds are replaced with coins.
  • Hyrule Clairen (Hyrule Saga)
    • The tipper hit effects now look like the Triforce
    • Clairen's taunt is based off one of Link's taunts from Smash Bros.

Alternate Character Skins Edit

These are skins that change the appearance of a character instead of just changing the colors.

  • Ragnir Maypul (Ragnir is a character from Brawlhalla)
    • Most of Maypul's attacks become fire-based.
    • Lily is a fiery weapon planted in the ground.

Other Premium Skins Edit

  • Spangled Wrastor (for Mang0)
    • Wrastor's wings have white "stars" on them to resemble the American Flag.
    • His taunt leaves an American Flag on the stage.
  • Panda Maypul
    • Lily looks like a cherry blossom tree.
  • Excalibur (for Alpharad)
    • Zetterburn shines every few seconds.
    • Taunting leaves a sword in the ground.
  • Burrito Kragg
    • Kragg's rock has eyes that blink and his pillar looks like a burrito
    • Kragg's new taunt involves eating burritos