In an official Rivals of Aether tournament, there are various rules and guidelines that must be adhered to when running and participating in said tournament. There may be slight variations among different playerbases but the official rules are below.

Best of 3 Edit

Both players must begin this set by first engaging in rock, paper, scissors. Whoever wins the RPS is first to decide what stage to ban out of the following:

Fire Capitol, Rock Wall, Aethereal Gates, Tower of Heaven, Blazing Hideout

After banning a stage, the loser of RPS now bans another stage, with the players continuing in this fashion until only one stage is left; this is the stage that will be played.

If playing online, the RPS step is skipped, instead whoever invited the other player is the one to ban first.

After this match has been played with a winner determined, all counterpicks are now unlocked, with the winner of Game 1 (the match just played) banning two stages, and the player who lost now choosing from the remaining list of stages.

After the next match has been completed, if both players have each won one game, a final match must be played, following the previous rules (i.e. Winner bans two stages, and loser picks the stage).

At the conclusion of the set, a winner is decided based on who won more games, and this result must be reported to the Tournament Organiser (TO).

Stock and Time Edit

In tournaments, players must use the default stock and time settings (3 Stock and 8 minutes).

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