Endless Abyss is a stage that came bundled with the official release of Rivals of Aether.

Description Edit

Basic Edit

This is a completely flat stage with no platforms and walls that prevent characters from going under it.

Aether Edit

The main stage is longer. Platforms move around and reposition themselves every once in a while, similarly to Abyss Mode. Random enemies spawn and attack the players. The enemies that are knocked off the stage count toward a player's total kills at the end of the match.

Background Edit

Origin Edit

This stage is the result of the Aethereal Gates falling into the abyss.

Trivia Edit

  • This stage was originally much larger, but its length caused matches to take much longer and encouraged camping. Because of these reasons, the Basic Variant was shortened. The Aether Variant still has the original length.
  • This stage is based off the Final Destination stages in Smash Bros.