Etalus name
Etalus large
Ground speed:
Very slow
Aerial speed:
Falling speed:
Fast (base)
Fast (fastfall)
Jump height:
? (base)
? (double)

Etalus is a heavy character who can control the stage with ice. He is easily comboed due to his weight and size, but his strong attacks kill at low percents.

Gameplay Edit

In Game Info: Edit

"Etalus can create ice on the ground with his Forward Special, Forward Tilt, and Up Special. Etalus can use his Neutral Special while standing on ice to encase himself in ice armor. Etalus can use his Down-Special to shatter all on-stage ice freezing opponents standing on it."

Elemental Powers: Edit

  • HOME ICE ADVANTAGE: Etalus can use his Forward Special or Forward Tilt to freeze the ground beneath him in order to slide across on the icy surface.
  • ARMORED UP: When standing on ice, Etalus can use his Neutral Special to absorb the ice and create ice armor around his body.
  • AVALANCHE: Etalus can use his Down Special to shatter all nearby ice, instantly freezing any enemies who are standing on it.

Advantages Edit

  • Heavy character; hard to K.O.
  • Can create ice armor with his neutral special on ice, making even harder to K.O him.
  • Up special can meteor airborne opponents.
  • Down special breaks all ice on the ground, freezing opponents.
  • Can slide on ice to increase the range of his attacks, mostly his dash attack.
  • Neutral air can set up opponenets for combos.

Disavantages Edit

  • Large in size, making it easy to combo him.
    • In addition, his ice armor makes him take less knockback, which can make it even easier to combo him.
  • The ice on the stage disappears after he is K.Oed.
  • Neutral special is easy to punish due to it's start up lag.
  • Predictable recovery.

Moveset Edit

Button Damage Description
Neutral special 15% Etalus raises both arms and creates a hammer made from ice with his hands and slams it on the ground in front of him. When standing on ice, Etalus absorbs the ice beneath him to create an ice armor around his body. This armor will give Etalus super armor during his strong attacks and his up special, but it will break after he takes enough hits. He can also consume the armor to enhance his next strong-attack.
Up special 8% Etalus creates a spiky ice platform and leaps upwards from it. Can be charged for more height, but not for more power. On the ground, it leaves ice 10 "spikes" (the unit used to measure the width of ice from here on out) wide where Etalus used the move. In the air, the hitbox below Etalus sends whoever it may hit straight downward. Does not put him into special fall.
Side special 2% Etalus roars, summoning 3 icicles from the sky that fall diagonally forward. They land on the first platform they individually hit first and leave 6-spike-wide ice where they land. Has a cooldown of about 2-3 seconds. If they are parried, Etalus loses his ice armor.
Down special 12%

8% (sour)

Etalus body slams to the ground, sending whoever the main hitbox hits upward with a very slight angle forward. The late hitbox is much larger and freezes grounded opponents hit by it. On the ground, Etalus leaps diagonally forward and then uses the move. When he lands, a shockwave is released, shattering all ice on the screen and freezing anyone standing on ice when it does.
Dash attack 7% Etalus slides. The attack lasts longer and covers more distance if used on ice and can be jump cancelled.
Neutral jab 4%, 4%, 6% Etalus bites, does an upward headbutt and then slams down with his claws.
Forward tilt 2%, 2%, 6% Etalus releases an icy breath. The attack covers the floor in a nine-spike-wide layer of ice.
Up tilt 10% Etalus slashes upward with his claws.
Down tilt 5%, 6% Etalus does two crouching swipes.
Up strong 2-3%


Etalus turns his arms into hammers before slamming them together. The attack has an early hitbox that carries opponents into the second stronger hit. You can use this attack after Etalus' dash attack.
Side strong 4-10%


Etalus covers his head in armor and then bites forward. The first hitbox carries opponents into the second one.
Down strong 11-16% Etalus turns both of his hands into battle axes and slams them down on either side of him.
Neutral air 7%

5% (sour)

Etalus does a belly flop. Can be used as an useful combo tool.
Up air 11% Etalus reaches for a grab above him. If Etalus manages to successfully grab an opponent, he'll throw them diagonally downwards.
Forward air 11% Etalus punches forward with his fist covered with ice. If the attack button is held, he holds a shield in front of himself that absorbs one hit.
Back air 9% Etalus turns one of his legs into an ice spike and stabs behind himself.
Down air 2%, 2%, 8% Etalus does three swipes, the third of which spikes.

Techniques Edit

  • If you jump right before using Down Special, Etalus will use the aerial version of the move which has less starting lag.

Background Edit

Story Edit

"Etalus is a legendary warrior in his native land, the northern continent known as the Ice Barrens. He is one of the last surviving members of the Harbor Guard, an elite battalion that once defended the Hyperboreans, the peoples of the Ice Barrens. The Harbor Guard battled other elemental factions on land and sea in order to protect their coast and keep trade routes open to the Water Merchants in the south.

However, in the past two decades, few from the southern continent of Aether have had any contact with Harbor Guard or any other representative of the north. Most people assume that the Harbor Guard was defeated, and the Hyperboreans had to retreat further inland.

In reality, Etalus and the Harbor Guard left their posts to battle a deadly threat from the northern reaches: the Black Ice. While the Harbor Guard were focused on their southern harbors, creatures of ice and shadow descended on the Hyperboreans in a sudden onslaught of slaughter and destruction. The Harbor Guard rushed, too late, to defend this new northern front. Many brave ice warriors fell. Etalus now hunts alone, stalking the northern reaches for Black Ice. The remaining Hyperboreans have pushed deeper into the tundras to the west, looking for a safe place to rebuild their homes." -Website

Trivia Edit

  • Etalus's Down special is officially named "Avalanche".
  • Etalus is the eight character to be announced, along with Absa. He represents the element of ice and is a polar bear.
  • Etalus's up air is the only command grab in the entire Rivals of Aether roster so far.

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