Mayreed is a non-playable character who appears in the cut scenes of both Maypul and Kragg's chapters in Story Mode.



Mayreed is a resident of the Aetherian Forest and the younger sister of Maypul.

Unlike her sister, Mayreed believes that going after the source of the corruption is reckless and begs Maypul to stay, although she realizes that for the better good Maypul must go as Aether may be in danger. She stays behind in the Aetherian Forest, tasked by her sister to warn the other tree-dwellers instead and to take care of Lily, Maypul's companion.

After Kragg defeated Abyss Maypul, Mayreed informed him of Maypuls whereabouts and gave Kragg, Lily, to help Kragg track down Maypul on her quest.


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