Merchant Port is a stage that appears in Rivals of Aether and is home to Orcane.

Description Edit

Basic Edit

Regular-sized stage with walls, the water is just for decoration. There are 2 small low platforms near the edges and 2 small high platforms close to each other on top of the wheel in the middle.

Aether Edit

The water wheel now has 4 small platforms connected to it instead of two and it now spins counter-clockwise. There are also 2 water tanks near the edges that unleash a big water blast above them when attacked. They take some time to recharge.

Background Edit

Origin Edit

Merchant Port is a part of Water Town, the merchant capital of Aether. The stage is a water platform in the middle of the ocean, not too far from the coast.

Trivia Edit

  • Water Merchants in the town despise Orcane, but they still request him to do spying missions

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