Ori is an upcoming playable character that will be available for download in Summer 2017. Ori was announced at Rivals of Aether's E3 2017 Direct Conference presentation for the game, and is the first third-party character to be introduced in the game


This information is from Alpharad's video "Rivals of the Blind Forest" (

Move Damage Description
Neutral Jab 2%, 2%, 4% Punches the opponent quickly twice and then performs a kick.
Up Tilt 7% (multi-hit) Holds up a crackling ball of energy that hits multiple times.
Forward Tilt 7% Ori does a sweeping attack with its tail.
Down Tilt 6% Ori rolls forward, hitting opponents.
Forward Strong 10% (without Sein), 12% (with Sein) Without Sein: Ori thrusts both hands forward to lauch opponents.

With Sein: Ori charges up Sein and then thrusts Sein forward, which causes a massive explosion of energy.

Up Strong 10% (without Sein), 14% (with Sein) Without Sein: Ori performs an uppercut.

With Sein: Ori performs an uppercut with a large burst at the top.

Down Strong 10% (without Sein), 21% (with Sein) Without Sein: Ori dashes back and forth and hits opponents away. The attacks do not combo into each other.

With Sein: Ori dashes back and forth while Sein creates explosions. Each explosion carries opponents into the next one.

Neutral Air 5% A twirling attack. The hitbox is only around Ori's hands.
Up Air 6% Ori does a flip and hits enemies with its tail.
Forward Air 2%, 4% A kick followed by a tail slap.
Backward Air 9% Ori punches opponents behind it.
Down Air 8% , 9% (landing hitbox) Ori lunges downward. If an opponent is hit, Ori bounces off of it. When Ori touches the ground during this move, a small eruption of light happens that can damage opponents on either side.
Dash Attack 6% A quick headbutt.
Neutral special 1%, ?% (charged) Sein damages nearby enemies with a small energy burst. This attack is extremely quick but it has virtually no knockback or hitstun. This attack can be charged, even if Ori is using other attacks at the same time.
Up special 7% (initial jump), 3% (when reopened) Ori spins into the air hitting enemies multiple times and then glides using Kuro's Feather. If Ori hits an opponent during the first jump, Ori can cancel the attack and use it again, but it has no upwards movement and less damage.
Side special 2-6% Ori throws a sphere of light. The angle at which it is thrown and the distance can be changed. If the move is charged for longer, it does more damage. As this move is a projectile, it is affected by Ori's Bash.
Down special 14% Ori holds on to a projectile or an opponent and freezes time for a few seconds. The player can choose a direction to propel Ori in when the move ends. The projectile or opponent is propelled in the opposite direction. If Ori is not touching anything when this move is used, Ori becomes helpless. This move can also be used on Forsburn's clone and Maypul's plant, Lily. This move is known as Bash.




Character revealEdit

Rivals of Aether - Ori Character Reveal01:24

Rivals of Aether - Ori Character Reveal

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