Current Patch (1.4.0)Edit

General ChangesEdit

  • Moonwalk duration increased from 18 to 24.
  • Moonwalking is locked out for the first 2 frames of initial dash

(makes keyboard/dpad moonwalking equal to joystick moonwalking).</p>

  • Double jumps are no longer restored when hit within 6 frames of double jumping.
  • Reflecting projectiles doubles their base hitpause.
  • Being put into the flinch state will now restore your airdodge.
  • Bouncing off the ground after missing a tech will no longer restore your double jump.
  • You can now parry during respawn invincibility, but you become vulnerable when doing so.
  • Kill move shockwaves have been replaced with a new effect.

If the move will kill with no DI or inward DI (ignoring drift and obstacles) then you will get the standard burst effect. If the move is a guaranteed kill (ignoring ledge tech, but taking drift and obstacles into account) then you will get a 20 frame burst effect with a special background that covers the entire screen.</p>

Character Specific ChangesEdit


  • Forward tilt hit 1 now pulls enemies inward during hitpause, allowing hit 2 to connect more consistently.
  • Burn is now removed on parry.
  • Bug fix: Forward Strong/Down Strong hit 1 now moves enemies during hitpause when connecting with the last frame of the hitbox.


  • Down Strong endlag increased from 19 to 21 (29 > 32 on whiff).
  • If Nair is held, it now bounces off the ground if you land while the hitbox is active.
  • Forward Air and Down Special bubbles spawn/move in preset patterns instead of randomly.


  • Down Air semi-spike hitbox angle flipper removed.
  • Forward Special no longer interrupts attacks.
  • Forward Tilt hitboxes adjusted in size and position. These first two hitboxes now additionally pull inward to make connecting the third hit more reliable.</p>
  • Neutral Special disjoint removed.
  • Neutral Special hit lockout no longer applies to the final hitboxes of the move. This fixes a bug where they would miss due to the last multihit hitboxes hitting late.</p>
  • Down Strong will now bounce if connecting on the frame before landing.
  • Down Special changed into a two-hit attack (to prevent it from heavily winning trades).
  • Up Special sweetspot angle flipper removed.
  • Prat fall air acceleration multiplier increased from 0.25 to 0.5.


  • Forward Air landing lag increased from 6 to 8 (9 > 12 on whiff).
  • Angle flipper removed on rockless Neutral Special.


  • Removed invincibility from clone creation.
  • Shortly after starting Forward Special, it will now go on a cooldown. This makes it so you can’t Forward Special again immediately if it’s interrupted.</p>
  • Forsburn no longer retains smoke charges when super clone dies from the bottom blastzone.
  • Parrying clone explosion now allows you to cancel parry’s endlag, like other projectiles.
  • Forsburn can now use regular Down Special immediately after the clone explodes.
  • Forward Air decreased in size to match animation better.
  • Up Air active frames decreased from 16 to 10. Endlag added so that it’s the same on hit, but has more whifflag.
  • Getting interrupted while performing Forward Special or Neutral Special while fully charged now causes you to lose all smoke charges.</p>


  • Forward Special and Neutral Special Cloud Pop will no longer hit Absa if parried near her.
  • Fixed a bug that made Up Tilt 1 frame faster on hit than it should be. Increased from 8 on hit, 14 on whiff to 9 on hit, 14 on whiff.</p>


  • Forward Special hitbox size increased to make hitting with and parrying this move more consistent.
  • Neutral Special now gains armor 1 frame earlier so that trading with the move doesn’t stop it from getting armor.
  • Down Special is now walljump-cancellable when done near a wall.
  • Enemies can no longer be frozen during the respawn state (fixes a bug that turned enemies invisible).

Ori and SeinEdit

  • Hitpause removed from Sein taps when they do no knockback.
  • Bashing rock on the frame it hits the ground should no longer crash the game.
  • Sein’s Team-up Down Strong hitboxes increased in size inward to stop the move from whiffing opponents in the center.
  • Team-up Forward Strong back hitbox now carries opponents into the front hitboxes.
  • If a projectile is destroyed while being bashed, Ori will now be launched upward instead of going into special fall.
  • Charged Flame will no longer hit Ori when parried near them.


  • Neutral Special endlag scales from 18 to 12 based on how many needles were thrown. Endlag was previously 12 for aerial needle and 18 for grounded needle.
  • Getting hit during Neutral Special now causes Ranno to lose all needle charges.


  • Forward Tilt endlag increased from 12 to 15 (18 > 23 on whiff).
  • Dash Attack endlag increased from 13 to 16 (20 > 24 on whiff).
  • Down Special will no longer create a plasma field if the counter attack is parried.


  • Tail removed from hurtboxes (except during the active frames of Forward Tilt).
  • Solo Up Air2 base knockback decreased from 9 to 8.
  • Forward Tilt startup increased from 5 to 7.
  • Forward Tilt projectile now comes out 2 frames later so that trading with Forward Tilt will always prevent the projectile from spawning.
  • Up Tilt startup decreased from 8 to 6.
  • The first hit of Down Tilt (both hitboxes) now has 4 extra frames of hitpause for the opponent, making it link reliably in most cases.
  • Down Special will stop spreading if Sylvanos is hit.
  • Holding taunt while emerging from Up Special now cancels Up Special into a taunt.
  • Sylvanos no longer creates grass while rolling or tech rolling.
  • Grass on cooldown will now be removed on death.
  • Down Special will no longer hit Sylvanos when parried near him.
  • Bug fix: Forward Tilt projectile hitbox height increased to match the visual.


  • Once per airtime, hovering in the opposite direction of your horizontal momentum will give you a boost in the new direction (the same boost other characters get when they double jump). Going into hitstun resets this ability.
  • Uncharged Forward Special knockback increased from [6 BKB .1 Scaling] to [7 BKB .2 Scaling].
  • Uncharged Forward Special cooldown increased from 0 to 20.
  • Charged Forward Special knockback scaling increased from .9 to 1.0.
  • Charged Forward Special hitpause increased.
  • Up Special will no longer hurt Elliana when parried near her.
  • Elliana’s mech now moves with moving platforms when left behind with Up Special.
  • Down Special’s mine now takes 100 frames to become active when stuck to a player, unless they’re in parry stun.
  • Up Special’s mech now only explodes when it’s overheated.
    When deployed, it will automatically build up heat. This change adds 30 frames of startup time if you have 0 heat built up, while keeping the startup the same if you’re overheated.