Practice Mode is a mode available in Rivals of Aether where players can experiment and practice gameplay with a CPU with the restrictions of a regular match. You can change various settings such as game speed and CPU action in this mode.

Training Options Edit

Game Speed: Edit

This value can be 1, 0.75 ,0.5, or 0.25.

Frame Advance: Edit

This option adds a frame count to the screen in the upper left corner. You can taunt to reset it. By pressing the back button, the game freezes and you can press LB/RB/ or Start to force the game to advance one frame at a time.

Show Hitboxes: Edit

This option makes hitboxes visible. Each hitbox has an arrow that points in the direction of its base knockback.

Show DI Lines: Edit

This options makes dotted lines showing the possible ways you could influence your direction for each attack.

CPU Actions: Edit

The available actions are Stand, Crouch, Jump, Run, Parry, Roll, Fight, or Evade.

CPU Damage: Edit

This number can be from 0 to 999. Every time the menu is closed, the CPU's damage will become this number, even if you did not change it.

CPU DI: Edit

This option can be set to Normal, None, In, Out, Up, Down, Perfect, or Random.

CPU Drift: Edit

This option can be set to Normal, None, In, Out, Perfect, or Random.

CPU Tech: Edit

This option can be set to Normal, None, In Place, Roll In, Roll Out, or Random.

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