Ranno is a frog character and the third water based character in Rivals of Aether. He will be released with 3 other DLC characters.

Attributes Edit

Ranno is a character who can choose to combo the opponent with quick, short-ranged aerials or zone them with poison darts and the toxic trap. His gameplay revolves around poisoning opponents to damage them and trapping opponents in a bubble to combo them.

Strengths Edit

  • His toxic trap enables him to pull off massive combos to poisoned opponents
  • He can mix up his recovery with the dive kick
  • Poison darts stop grounded approaches

Weaknesses Edit

  • He is lightweight and easily comboed
  • Has very little recovery distance
  • Lack of disjointed attacks

Techniques Edit

  • Super Jump - Crouch and then full hop to leap high into the air

Gameplay Edit

In-Game Info: Edit

Elemental Powers: Edit

  • POISON STACKS - Each character can have up to four poison stacks on them at once (They appear as small green dots over a character's head). Poisoned players take one damage each time they attack. Hitting Ranno removes a single stack.

Moveset Edit

Move Damage Description
Dash attack
Neutral Jab
Forward Tilt
Up Tilt
Down Tilt Ranno sweeps the floor with his leg.
Up Strong
Side Strong
Down Strong
Neutral air
Up air Ranno kicks above him twice.
Forward air Ranno does an axe kick that strongly spikes opponents.
Backward air Ranno kicks behind him.
Down air Ranno stomps downwards multiple times.
Neutral Special Ranno meditates to create a large, poisonous bubble that can be moved by hitting it. The bubble can trap characters who touch it while in hitstun, including Ranno. Once trapped in a bubble, characters can only float slowly in any direction. The bubble will release players in a certain amount of time, which increases if the player has more poison stacks. A poison stack is removed from bubbled targets about every second.
Up Special Ranno lunges upwards at an angle with a poison kick. At the peak of the jump, holding the attack button will cause Ranno do spin and rapidly shoot poison darts. Using Down Special during this move performs a dive kick, which can be ledge canceled.
Side Special Ranno begins to charge poison darts. He can hold up to four darts at a time. Dodging during the charging animation stops the move and saves the charge. When this move is used a second time, he throws the darts in a spray. Each dart adds one poison stack to the target.
Down Special Ranno sticks out his long tongue and swallows nearby opponents, only to spit them out in a bubble. Bubbled opponents have the exact same properties as ones caught in the Neutral Special bubble. Alternatively, this move can grab onto the ground and pull Ranno toward it. In the air, Ranno sticks out his tongue diagonally.

Background Edit

Story Edit

Ranno comes from the Swampy Estuary, a location east of Merchant Port. Although he is a martial arts master, he is rarely seen in combat. Protecting peace is his main goal.

Trivia Edit

  • Ranno was first revealed August 11, 2017 at Super Smash Con.
  • Ranno's name comes from the artist El Ranno who designed him.
  • Neutral Special is named "Toxic Trap", Side Special is "Poison Darts", Down Special is "Toxic Tongue" or "Dive Kick", and Up Special is "Poison Spin".

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