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Sylvanos is an upcoming DLC character that is set to be released in 2018. He is the heart of the Aetherian Forest and is a villain in the world of Aether.

Attributes Edit

Strengths Edit

  • Extremely disjointed attacks
  • Has many mix-ups
    • His jab can combo into his Neutral Special
    • His Burrow move can go to the left or the right or be canceled
    • His Back Aerial can be angled in three different direction.
    • His Beast Dash can be jump-canceled while on growth
  • The untamed growth reduces his landing lag and controls the stage
  • He can order all of the growth to attack from anywhere
  • He can pin himself to the stage with Back Aerial

Weaknesses Edit

  • He is large, heavy, and easy to combo
  • All of the growth disappears when he leaves the ground for one second
  • He cannot move or attack well in the air
  • Rushdown characters may be able to attack him before he can set up stage control

Techniques Edit

Gameplay Edit

In-Game Info: Edit

Elemental Powers: Edit

  • UNTAMED GROWTH - Sylvanos creates grass wherever he walks. The grass reduces his landing lag.
  • BURROW - Sylvanos can dig through the stage and then attack opponents.
  • VINE PIN - Back Aerial can pin Sylvanos to the stage or platforms. This can help with edgeguarding or recovering.

Moveset Edit

Move Damage Description
Traits Growth - Sylvanos leaves grass wherever he walks. The grass does no damage to opponents but it increases Sylvanos' speed and abilities.
Dash attack Sylvanos rushes forward and headbutts opponents.
Neutral jab Sylvanos attacks with vines. The third jab can be replaced with a Neutral Special, which will shoot a seed forward.
Forward tilt A quick tail swing. It creates a projectile that will continue to move forward only on growth.
Up tilt Sylvanos turns into a whirlwind of leaves and multihits opponents around him.
Down tilt The long vines connected to Sylvanos extend across the ground to poke opponents. This move has incredible reach.
Up strong Sylvanos makes a large tree trunk shoot out of the ground at an angle and hit opponents. There is a sweetspot at the tip of the tree.*

*It is not yet known which Strong Attack this move is, but it is likely Up Strong

Forward strong The ground in front of Sylvanos erupts and tree spikes come out of it to hit opponents multiple times.*

*It is not yet known which Strong Attack this move is, but it is likely Forward Strong

Down strong Sylvanos spins around and tree branches surround him to hit opponents.*

*It is not yet known which Strong Attack this move is, but it is likely Down Strong

Neutral air Sylvanos whips two vines upwards.
Up air Sylvanos' mane becomes a spinning red flower that multihits opponents. This attack is similar to Maypul's Up Aerial.
Forward air Sylvanos whips two vines forwards and hits opponent upwards.
Back air Sylvanos stabs backward with a vine. This can be angled in three different directions. If the vine hits the stage or a platform, it will stick there and suspend Sylvanos in mid-air, which is useful for offstage play.
Down air Sylvanos does a downward dive that spikes opponents.
Neutral special Sylvanos shoots a seed out of his tail. The angle can be tilted to the left or the right with the control stick. If the seed touches a player, it will turn into a plant and attack multiple times. If the seed touches the ground, it will grow into a flower. The flower prevents the untamed growth from disappearing until the flower is hit.
Up special A lunge upward followed by a dive toward the ground. If Sylvanos touches a block while using this move, he can burrow through it. When he surfaces, he performs a powerful biting attack. The dive part of this move can be canceled with the dodge button.
Side special Sylvanos turns into a Sylvan Beast and dashes forward while biting. If he is on growth, he will eat it up and dash for longer. This attack can be jump canceled on growth (similarly to Etalus' dash attack.)
Down special Sylvanos howls and orders all untamed growth to become spikes. Opponents hit by the growth are sent flying toward Sylvanos. After attacking, the growth must recharge for a few seconds.

Costumes Edit

Background Edit

Story Edit

Sylvanos is the heart of the forest and the alpha plant. When the Aetherian forest was being destroyed, Sylvanos awoke and helped to regenerate the forest. However, Sylvanos became corrupt and tried to turn all of Aether into a forest. The Rock Wall was built to protect and also contain the forest. Sylvanos dwells on the floor of the forest, which is why Maypul's race must live in the trees.

Trivia Edit

  • Sylvanos was the twelfth character to be announced and represents the element Earth
  • Sylvanos' Back Aerial was inspired by Corrin's Side Special in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS
  • The developers say that Sylvanos' difficulty is 4/5 and that he is a grounded zoner
  • Burrow was inspired by Sandshrew, a pokemon that digs through the ground.
  • Neutral Special is called Seed Shot, Side Special is called Beast Dash, Up Special is called Burrow, and Down Special is called Plants Rise