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Sylvanos is a DLC character in Rivals of Aether. He is the heart of the Aetherian Forest and is a villain in the world of Aether.

Attributes Edit

Strengths Edit

  • Extremely disjointed attacks
  • Has many mix-ups
    • His jab can combo into his Neutral Special
    • His Burrow move can go to the left or the right or be canceled
    • His Back Aerial can be angled in three different directions
    • His Beast Dash can be jump-canceled while on grass
  • The untamed growth reduces his landing lag and controls the stage
  • He can order all of the grass to attack from anywhere
    • This can interrupt opponents' moves, extend combos, and catch the opponent off guard easily
  • He can pin himself to the stage with Back Aerial
  • Has an extremely high ground speed

Weaknesses Edit

  • He is large, heavy, and easy to combo
  • Requires good reads and spacing in order to combo opponents
  • All of the grass disappears when he leaves the ground for one second or when he dies
  • Many of his moves are worse without grass
  • His recovery is harder on Air Armada due to the fact that the stage does not extend downwards very far.
  • His Strong Attacks are difficult to land and punishable if the opponent is quick enough
  • Has few moves that cover his actual hurtbox besides Up Tilt and Down Strong, both of which are punishable
  • Forward Strong will move itself to avoid appearing offstage. This limits his edgeguarding potential as he cannot use it as a disjointed edgeguarding tool
  • Clairen's plasma field prevents grass from growing in its area, making the matchup more difficult
  • Grass is not placed when rolling or techrolling, making it harder for Sylvanos to get out of the disadvantage state.

Techniques Edit

  • You can use Side Special after pinning Sylvanos with Back Air to quickly attack opponents in either direction.
  • Pin Sylvanos to the stage side and then use Down Air to spike opponents.
  • Ledge Cancel his Down Air to quickly and safely spike opponents.
  • Using Down Special will put grass into the cooldown state. This will prevent them from disappearing for a few seconds.
    • If you use Down Special right before being knocked off, you may be able to preserve the grass while you are recovering
  • Both Forward Strong and Up Strong will re-position themselves to always be on platforms. This means players can reach the maximum offstage distance with Up Strong without standing on the very edge.
  • Shoot Neutral Special to hit opponents above Sylvanos

Gameplay Edit

In-Game Info: Edit

"Sylvanos grows grass wherever he walks. The grass reduces his landing lag and powers up his specials. Sylvanos can use his Up Special to dig into the ground and emerge with a powerful bite if he's on grass. Sylvanos' Down Special calls upon all of his grass to rise up and attack at once."

Elemental Powers: Edit

  • UNTAMED GROWTH - Sylvanos creates grass wherever he walks. The grass reduces his landing lag.
  • BURROW - Sylvanos can dig through the stage and then attack opponents.
  • VINE PIN - Back Aerial can pin Sylvanos to the stage or platforms. This can help with edgeguarding or recovering.

Moveset Edit

Move Damage Description
Traits Grass: Sylvanos leaves grass wherever he walks. The grass does no damage to opponents but it increases Sylvanos' attack speed and abilities. The grass will disappear if Sylvanos leaves the ground for 1 second or dies. If Sylvanos is pinned to a platform with grass on it, the grass will not disappear.

Grass is not planted when Sylvanos rolls.

Dash attack 9% Sylvanos rushes forward and headbutts opponents.
Neutral jab 4%, 4%, 9% (Attack), 14% (Special) Sylvanos attacks with vines. The third jab can be replaced with a Neutral Special, which will shoot a seed forward. The seed multihits opponents, which can lead to followups.
Forward tilt 5% (Tail), 2% (Each Projectile) A quick tail swing. It creates projectiles that will continue to move forward only on grass. They only knock back opponents in hitstun. It is possible for the tail and the projectiles to hit an opponent.
Up tilt 2%, 3%, 5% Sylvanos turns into a whirlwind of leaves and multihits opponents around him. An ideal combo starter. Opponents may be able to avoid the final hit if they are on the edge of the attack.
Down tilt 4% (Each Normal Hit), 6% (Each Tip Hit) The long vines connected to Sylvanos extend across the ground to poke opponents. The tips of the vines hit opponents toward Sylvanos while the rest of the vines hit opponents away.
Up strong 8-14% (Bottom), 9-14% (Middle), 10-16% (Top) Sylvanos makes a large tree trunk shoot out of the ground at an angle and hit opponents. This attack does more damage the closer the opponent is to the tip of the trunk. Sylvanos moves backward slightly during this attack.

This moves's position will change so that it is always on a platform.

Forward strong 2-3%, 2-3%, 10-16% The ground in front of Sylvanos erupts and tree spikes come out of it to hit opponents multiple times.

This move's position will change so that it is always on a platform. If Sylvanos is standing on the edge of the stage, the tree spikes will not appear offstage.

Down strong 11-17% Sylvanos spins around and tree branches surround him to hit opponents. This moves hits opponents toward Sylvanos.
Neutral air 2% (4x) Sylvanos' mane becomes a spinning red flower that hits opponents four times. This attack is similar to Maypul's Up Aerial.
Up air 6%, 6% Sylvanos whips two vines upwards. This move's hits naturally combo, but the move is stronger if only the second part hits an opponent.
Forward air 6% (Close), 8% (Far) Sylvanos whips two vines forwards and hits opponent upwards diagonally.
Back air 5% (Vine), 12% (Tip) Sylvanos stabs backward with a vine. This can be angled in three different directions. The tip of the vine has a sweetspot,

If the vine hits the stage or a platform, it will stick there and suspend Sylvanos in mid-air for about four seconds. Being pinned can be canceled with an attack, special, double jump, or airdodge. Using Back Air while pinned will cancel the attack but not start another Back Air.

If Sylvanos is pinned to a platform with grass on it, the grass will not disappear.

Down air 8% (First part), 6% (Second part) Sylvanos does a downward dive. The first part of this attack spikes.
Neutral special 6% (Seed hit), 2% (4x) Sylvanos shoots a seed out of his tail. The angle can be tilted to the left or the right with the control stick. If the seed touches a player, it will turn into a plant and attack multiple times. If the seed touches the ground, it will grow into a flower. The flower prevents the grass from disappearing until the flower is destroyed and tries to grow grass on the platform it it planted on.

The flower is destroyed after taking 1% worth of damage. It is destroyed when Sylvanos dies.

The seed bounces off the top of Kragg's rock and pillar.

Up special 2% (Multihit), 5% (When colliding with a block), 10% (Bite) A lunge upward followed by a dive toward the ground. This moves hits opponents multiple times. If Sylvanos touches a block while using this move, he can burrow through it towards the surface. When he surfaces, he performs a powerful biting attack if the button is held and he is on grass. The dive part of this move can be canceled with the dodge button.

If Sylvanos is parried during the lunge, he can still perform the dig and the bite before the parry stun.

Sylvanos can also taunt instead of biting to end the move.

Side special 6% (Each bite) Sylvanos turns into a Sylvan Beast and dashes forward while biting. If he is on grass, he will eat it up and dash for longer. This attack can be jump canceled on grass (similarly to Etalus' dash attack.) This attack also leaves Sylvanos helpless when started in the air.
Down special 2% (Each plant) Sylvanos howls and orders all grass to become spikes. The closest patches of grass attack first, similarly to Etalu's Down Special ice. Opponents hit by the grass are sent flying toward Sylvanos. After attacking, the grass must recharge for a few seconds. Opponents can be hit by multiple blades of grass.

Costumes Edit

Background Edit

Story Edit

Sylvanos is the heart of the forest and the alpha plant. When the Aetherian forest was being destroyed, Sylvanos awoke and helped to regenerate the forest. However, Sylvanos became corrupt and tried to turn all of Aether into a forest. The Rock Wall was built to protect and also contain the forest. Sylvanos dwells on the floor of the forest, which is why Maypul's race must live in the trees.

Trivia Edit

  • Sylvanos was the twelfth character to be announced and represents the element Nature
  • Sylvanos' Back Aerial was inspired by Corrin's Side Special in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS
  • The developers say that Sylvanos' difficulty is 4/5 and that he is a grounded zoner
  • Burrow was inspired by Sandshrew, a pokemon that digs through the ground.
  • Neutral Special is called Seed Shot, Side Special is called Beast Dash, Up Special is called Burrow, and Down Special is called Plants Rise
  • Sylvanos has the largest hurtbox in the game while taunting
  • Despite not being playable in Abyss Mode, Sylvanos still has an abyss color in the game's files.