Tempest Peak is a stage that came bundled with the official release of Rivals of Aether, and is home to Absa.

Description Edit

Basic Edit

Two platforms are located above the ground on the stage. There are also two platforms off the sides of the stage. Since Patch 1.2.3, the platforms do not move.

Aether Edit

The Aether variant of Tempest Peak is very similar to the basic variant except that when the Statue's orbs are filled with electricity, they eventually summon down a bolt of lightning that will inflict 13% damage and destructive knockback to any Rival standing nearby.

Background Edit

This mountain is part of the Archai Mountains. Absa created the thunderstorm that surrounds it to protect the Air Elders from the fighting in the rest of Aether.

Trivia Edit

  • Tempest Peak is one of four stages that were included with the official release of Rivals of Aether.
  • When one of Etalus' forward special icicles hits a moving platform that is in the ground, no ice is created. This is a glitch.

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