Tower of Heaven is a stage that appears in Rivals of Aether and is a canonical reference to the flash game 'Tower of Heaven'.

Description Edit

Basic Edit

Three platforms overlook the stage, with two being on the same horizontal plane and the other being above those two. This setup is the inverse of Frozen Fortress.

Aether Edit

The middle of the stage rises up and two of the platforms become solid. A "Book of Laws" appears on this stage after time. When a character touches it, a law is displayed on the top of the screen that every other player must follow, even in team matches. If a player breaks the law, lightning from the sky deals 10% damage and knockback to them. Butterflies fly in circles, referencing 'Tower of Heaven'.

There are four different laws:

  1. "THOU SHALT NOT TOUCH GOLDEN BLOCKS" - When this law is in play, the two golden solid platforms must be avoided.
  2. "THOU SHALT NOT TOUCH WALLS FROM THE SIDE"- This law creates danger zones on the sides of blocks. Even though it looks like you can touch the zones from the top or the bottom, they only activate when you touch them from the sides.
  3. "THOU SHALT NOT DODGE OR PARRY" - This law forces players to stop parrying, airdodging, wavedashing, and rolling.
  4. "THOU SHALT NOT TOUCH A LIVING THING" - Even though Aetherians are living things, this law only counts the plants, butterflies and Man In Window as 'living things.'

Background Edit

Tower of Heaven is based of the flash game 'Tower of Heaven' and the Tower of Heaven stage from Super Smash Land.

Trivia Edit

  • Dan Fornace has noted that this stage is a canonical reference to the original flash game
  • Flashygoodness, the main composer for Rivals of Aether, composed the music for 'Tower of Heaven'
  • This map came from Dan Fornace's previous game, Super Smash Land, which had a slightly different Book Of Laws.
  • Occasionally, a man can be seen in the window. He can be attacked and counts as a 'living thing'.
  • Some attacks, such as Etalus' Up Air, can hit opponents through the small solid platforms in this stage.