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  • Plasmaster

    Hey Rivals! I have been really hype about Rivals of Aether lately. I play Smash 4 competitively and have been watching a lot of Rivals gameplay. I will definitely be getting the game soon. I have started to explore the different element forms that could have been in Rivals of Aether.

    Today I have a fan character moveset for Rivals of Aether: Vesuviusaur, the Lava's Flow! Vesuviusaur is a heavy character that is a T-Rex with a volcano mounted on his back, with magma and lava flowing across his body from this volcano. He was an ancient guardian back in the prehistoric days of Aether that had gone into a long slumber beneath the ground for eons. As war waged above him, he was awakened from his hibernation and is once again ready to defend the …

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