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Zetterburn is a playable character who represents the element of fire, being a lion with a mane of flames. He was the first character to be announced, along with Orcane.

Zetterburn is a very good rush down character. His combo game up close is incredible, while his projectile makes him a danger from a distance as well. He's capable of dealing damage fast with his long, precise combos and strong KO options. He has one of the most potent punish games out of all characters, capable of dishing out massive amounts of damage upon his opponent making the smallest of mistakes.

Zetterburn possesses a very good combo game. Up tilt is his best combo starter, as it does a high amount of damage and can combo into every attack except down special, up, special, and down strong. Dash attack is also a good combo move. It often combos into itself, sets up for all tilts and can directly kill if canceled into up strong. The only downside being that it can be parried easily.

Although easily parryable, Zetterburn has a useful projectile in the form of his Fireball. It is useful for pressuring as well as limiting an opponent's approach, recovery or edgeguarding attempt.

Despite these advantages, Zetterburn is not without flaws. He is notorious for having a bad recovery that is slow, super predictable, and easily gimped, forcing him to find alternative ways to recover. His neutral game is not as good as that of other characters; instead, it relies on his lethal punishes, edgeguards, and strong combos to succeed. A majority of his attacks have short range overall despite their extensive utility, causing him to struggle up close against characters with long and/or disjointed range like Forsburn. Zetterburn also has a lack of combo breakers.

Overall, Zetterburn is considered a well-rounded character with straightforward gameplay, making him easy to pick up and good for beginners.


Strengths Edit

  • Dash-attack can start combos, tech-reads or directly kill if canceled into Up-strong.
  • Good aerial juggling thanks to all his aerials as well as his fireballs and Neutral-special.
  • Powerful landings with Back-air or Down-air often leading into Up-strong followups.
  • Uncharged Neutral-special speed makes it great to break your opponent's poorly spaced or timed combos.
  • Spammable projectile from any range for easy pressure.
  • Flexible edgeguarding : can go for the kill offstage or put fire near the ledge and wait with a strong-attack.
  • Aerials that can combo and kill very early (Sweetspot Fair Kills Kragg at ~80%)

Weaknesses Edit

  • Vulnerable recovery as it is mostly based on Up-Special which is slow and predictable, even though it travels good distance.
  • The small pause added to fire amplified strong-attacks gives you more time to DI them correctly.
  • Predictable fireballs are easily parried which gives opponents invincibility, letting them approach safely.

Techniques Edit

  • Gatling combo - You cancel the dash attack animation with an up strong on the first frame the dash attack connects. It is often a true kill combo that can kill anywhere from 110-120% and as early as 95% with burn knockback.
  • Press the opposite direction after initiating Aerial Down Special to jump in the first direction but dive in the other direction. This can confuse opponents.
    • Ledge cancel Down Special to quickly attack out of it and further confuse opponents.

Gameplay Edit

In-Game Info: Edit

"Zetterburn can set his opponents ablaze with his Special Attacks, causing them additional damage over time.When an opponent is burning, Zetterburn can land a Strong attack to absorb the flames and launch them twice as far. Zetterburn can place fire on the stage with his Down Special. This will burn opponents without dealing knockback*."

*The fire on the stage will deal no knockback, but the first hit of the Down Special will.

Elemental Powers: Edit

  • BURN DAMAGE - Zetterburn's special attacks can set opponents on fire, causing them additional damage over time.
  • WILD FIRE - Zetterburn's Down Special places flames on the stage. These flames stay for a period of time, burning any opponents who come in contact with them.
  • FIRE AMP - When an opponent is burning, Zetterburn's Strong Attacks can absorb the flames and launch the burned enemy twice as far, making for an effective killing blow.

Moveset Edit

Move Damage Description
Traits 5% (burn) Burn: Zetterburn's specials and back-air set opponents on fire for 5 seconds, dealing 1% per second. It doesn't stack, and reapplying the fire on a burning opponent resets the duration.

Fire Amp: landing a strong-attack on a burning opponent consumes the flames, dealing extra damage and knockback. The final hit of the strong attack triggers it as long as it doesn't clashes or gets interrupted. It also adds extra hitpause time.

Dash attack 8%

6% (sour)

Zetterburn lunges forward with a downward slash of his claws. Small sourspot above him.

Can be canceled into an up-strong during the hitpause if it hits something.

Neutral jab 4%, 4%, 6% Zetterburn makes two swipes, and then bites the opponent.
Forward tilt 5%, 5% Zetterburn makes a quick downward slash with both hands in front of him. The second hit has slightly more range and has good knockback.
Up tilt 10% (front)

11% (back)

Zetterburn makes an arcing sweep around him with his claws.
Down tilt 9% Zetterburn makes a low sweep with his claws.
Up strong 7-11%

+ 8-12% (consume)

Zetterburn does a quick uppercut.

Consumes fire for higher knockback and damage.

Forward strong 4-6%, 8-12%

+ 10-15% (consume)

Zetterburn rushes forward and thrusts his claws in front of him. The first weak hit behind always carries opponents into the stronger second hit.

Consumes fire for higher knockback and damage.

Down strong 5-8%, 8-12%

+ 10-15% (consume)

Zetterburn makes a quick low sweep, first behind him, then in front of him. The weak back hit always carries opponents into the stronger front hit.

Consumes fire for higher knockback and damage.

Neutral air 2%, 2%, 5% Zetterburn does a cartwheel midair while extending his claws. The first and second hits carry opponents with him; the third hit sends them slightly up and toward the front.
Up air 7%

13% (sweet)

Zetterburn does a sweep above his head. There is a sweetspot at the tip of the middle of his sweep.
Forward air 6% (sour)


13% (sweet)

Zetterburn slashes downwards in front of him. Early sourspot slightly above him. Sweetspot slightly below and close to him.
Back air 3% Zetterburn quickly brings his tail upwards.

Lights foes on fire.

Down air 12% Zetterburn slams down both of his claws, sending opponents straight down.
Neutral special 2% (small)

10% (charged)

6% (sour)

Zetterburn quickly emits a small burst of fire around him. Hold the button to do a fully charged variation; releasing early does the small variation.

The fully charged burst covers a much larger area, deals more damage and has strong knockback. However, it has a sourspot around the edges.

Both bursts send opponents straight away from Zetterburn. The uncharged version can be jump-canceled right after its hitbox comes out.

Lights foes on fire.

Up special 1%x7 (fire),

8% (dash)

Zetterburn halts his momentum and encases himself in fire, continuously hitting around him for about one second, before doing a fiery dash towards the you input. Leaves Zetterburn helpless afterwards. You can air-dodge out of the move before the dash occurs.

Lights foes on fire.

Side special 3% (head),

2% (fireball)

Zetterburn whips his head forward and shoots a fireball from his mane.

Lights foes on fire.

Down special 10% (burst),

2% (dive)

Zetterburn slams his paw into the ground in a fiery burst, hitting a wide area around him and leaving a patch of fire on the ground. The fire lasts for 6 seconds, it deals no damage by itself but lights foes touching it on fire.

If used in the air, Zetterburn dives paw first at a slight angle downward until he touches the ground, which also creates a burst and leaves fire. He hits opponents in his way, spiking them. This move can be reversed at the beginning of the jump or right after it. The dive can be canceled with a wall-jump or a double jump. You can only double jump if you have traveled for 20 frames.

Lights foes on fire.

Costumes Edit

Special Costumes Edit

Background Edit

Story Edit

Zetterburn, a son of the ruling family of the Firelands, is an experienced and hardened warrior. He has fought many wars for the Fire Capitol, a bellicose nation that constantly seeks to expand its influence over neighbouring lands. His courage in battle has made him a hero among his people. However, his straightforward character and unquestioning allegiance to the Fire Nation blind him at times. He is a reliable general on the field, but naive to the larger politics of Aether. In battle, Zetterburn is equally forthright; he uses no weapons except for his razor-sharp claws and ability to control flame. -Website

Trivia Edit

  • Down special official name is "Wild fire". Neutral special is often referred to as "Shine" which is a reference to the same term used for the reflector moves of the Star Fox characters in the Super Smash Bros series.
  • Zetterburn's moveset has some notable similarities to Wolf's from Super Smash Bros.
  • Zetterburn's name is a reference to the ice hockey player Henrik Zetterberg .
    • Dan Fornace also once stated, "Zetterburn was my warlock in WoW and my gamertag on Xbox and other sites."

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